Dynon Skyview HDX

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Dynon Skyview HDX

#1 Post by notam42 »

Hi all, just thought I'd upload a screenshot of my current development. After watching videos (lots) from Tony and Russ Barlow, I've been playing around with AM for a few months and enjoying learning this powerful tool. The main driver behind this instrument is to allow me to match the panel in my (real) RV9A coupled with a GNS430 to allow me to practice instrument approaches.

Since there is no current implementation of Dynon HDX that I am aware of, I figured I am probably not alone...

Almost all of the data fields on the current screenshot work for both X-Plane and FS2020. I'm currently working on implementing the autopilot control page and adding the 50/50 split PFD/MFD map page.
If there is any interest, I'll post some additional screen shots, and plan on uploading when the code is fully functional and cleaned up.

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Re: Dynon Skyview HDX

#2 Post by SunnySkies »

Wow, this is impressive! Can't wait to see more.

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Re: Dynon Skyview HDX

#3 Post by Crunchmeister »

Wow.That's really awesome. Can't wait to try it out.

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Re: Dynon Skyview HDX

#4 Post by SaltyGator »

Ditto, I'm very interested!

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Re: Dynon Skyview HDX

#5 Post by Voxventus »

Can wait to see it working.
We also have HDX in our Remos MLA

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