X-Plane 12 question and a suggestion

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X-Plane 12 question and a suggestion

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I have been using Knobster and KnobXP for a very long time and I am very happy with it. I have developed a few various Lua scripts to customize it for various planes and published them on x-plane.org forums.

The most important question for me now is compatibility with X-Plane 12. I am a VR only simmer and Knobster become a part of my routine, so I REALLY hope to be able to use it with X-Plane 12 (and beyond?). Do you expect it to be compatible out of the box? If you need any help testing and debugging I will get X-Plane 12 beta when it is released and I will be happy to help.

One thing that is not very good is the KnobXP setup window. It is limited to 64 modes and it gets confusing for people like that have more than 64, some just now show in the window. I am usually editing files myself and skip the setup window entirely (and I have published my config files as well so people don't need to use setup page), but it would be very nice to have a flexible setup page.



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