ESP32 - Wrong pin functionality on wiki.

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ESP32 - Wrong pin functionality on wiki.

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Hi guys
Thought this may be better in a separate thread.
I noticed that there are a few errors in the WIKI Hardware ID List for the ESP32.

GPIO pins 34,35,36 and 39 cannot be used for OUTPUT (they are input only on ALL ESP32 systems) hence the following will not be available -
Digital Output
Character Display
Button Array

The above applies to ALL models and boards.

Also, you do not list the following GPIOs as available - but they should be for the DEV KIT C ( which is WiFi ONLY). The models with Ethernet / POE are different as the Hardware ETHERNET module occupies GPIOs, but again, these are NOT used in the DEV KIT C so should be available to program.
They are GPIOs - 27,26,25,23,22,21,19,18,17,16
These are all bidirectional,
This also would enable the 2 DAC pins to be available to the user as they are on GPIOs 25 and 26
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