AirPlayer ARM 4.1.4 not take into account desktop rotate

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AirPlayer ARM 4.1.4 not take into account desktop rotate

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I have just updated Air Manager and the Airplayer on Raspberry to fix the issue preventing using several Airplayers.
Now I have a new issue:
- I own Three raspberry’s pi 3 B with the last pi OS (April 4th 2022, 32-bit, Kernel version: 5.15)
- My screens are inverted, so I set the pi desktop to rotate (180°). I see the desktop in the right direction.
- With the previous Airplayer ARM 4.1.3, my gauges took into account this rotate and I saw the gauges in the right direction (180°) following the desktop rotate.

Now, after update to AirPlayer ARM 4.1.4, the gauges keep the original screen direction, so they appear inverted.
I suspected that it could come from the new AirPlayer autostart feature. I removed the ~/.config/autostart/airplayer.desktop file to continue to use /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart as in AirPlayer ARM 4.1.3 but result is the same.

Do you have an idea?



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